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Rikki Usinger

Rikki Usinger

Position: Head of Claims
Phone: +1 917-593-6610
Email: rusinger@valeip.com
Categories: Claims Handling
Location: New York

Prior to joining VALE, Rikki served as a Complex Claim Director at AIG, handling claims arising under Representation and Warranties insurance policies, Tax Indemnity policies and other transactional insurance policies.

At AIG, Rikki held several other positions where she handled claims arising under various other professional liability policies, including, but not limited to, Directors & Officers Insurance, Broker/Dealer Insurance and Bankers Professional Liability Insurance.

Rikki received her JD from New York Law School. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan.

Rikki Usinger
Head of Claims

Rikki Usinger

Prior to joining VALE, Rikki served as a Complex Claim...